There is no one common plan that would be valid for every individual, for one money makers profile differs from the other We at singularis create customized investment plan as per the profile of each client. One common element for all the clients is creating long term sustainable wealth creation.

Every business will go through various cycles this will have direct impact on the cash flow and irregular cash flows will have an impact on entrepreneur’s lifestyle. At Singularis we will plan and build a portfolio in such a way, your cash flow from business and income is parallel and not correlated. Hence you don’t have to compromise on your lifestyle during tough times in your business.

It always been a challenge to manage everything within fixed periodical income. Within the available income we need to manage all the expenses including the EMIs and one has to even save for their future goals and the retirement. We at Singularis understand the challenges of salaried class and we manage your finances in such a way you continue to focus on your career. We will make your money work hard for you to fulfill your aspirations.

Generally, professional’s incomes are volatile and they work beyond normal retirement period. Investment plan for them will include cash flow management, regular income corpus along with goals and wealth creation plan. All aspects will ensure a complete tailor made investment plan for professionals.

For retires our advisory team will focus on preserving wealth against inflation. And also generate a regular income which can substitute their pay cheque. We will not be investing in any aggressive products in order to generate capital appreciation. The idea is to ensure that the client maintains standard lifestyle post retirement.
Singularis Capital is a firm that not only works on managing your wealth but also in securing your peace of mind.
  We will save your time
  We will propose needful money management plans
  We will provide effective professional administration
  We will minimize your worries on wealth creation and wealth preservation
  We will associate you with experts from various fields
  We will prepare you for the future


"We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”! - Albert Einstein

India will became the world’s fifth largest consumer market by 2025

China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and Indonesia—are expected to contribute about 45 percent of global GDP growth in the coming decade.

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