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India is growing, our incomes are growing, our aspirations are increasing and when I say aspirations I mean some of the key aspirations like consistent standard of living, basic luxury, financial freedom, more wealth, good health and of course spending quality time with family and friends.
I being an Investment Advisor would like to talk about financial freedom and wealth creation. In today’s scenario we all are very much occupied with professional commitments than ever before and rest of the time we would like to spend with our family and friends. Hence we end up spending very less or no time towards our personal finance. I want you to know that it is very important to spend time on managing your personal finances or else appoint an advisor to do the same for you.

Our incomes are growing at the same time cost of our aspirations are also increasing rapidly from education to vacation, essentials to health care, property, luxury, petrol etc., and look at the inflation rate!

If you are not saving in the right instrument with proper future plans it is going to be a challenge for you to achieve your goals. When I say right instrument I mean that your investment should primarily beat inflation, secondly it should receive high returns. Boldly we have look beyond bank fds. I hope you understood the need for a professional financial advisor.

I have good news for you. India has got plenty of investment opportunities to invest your hard earned money and make it work as hard as you did to earn it. You can not only beat the inflation but also create superior wealth for yourself.

Wondering how to start? Don’t worry we are here to help you. All you need to do is send us an email or give a call, our team will meet you personally to know your needs better and help you start. You can reach me by writing to

Our passion, commitment, simplicity, superior process, research, deep relationship with our customers, attention to each and every client’s portfolio, and use of latest technology will help us to add value to each and every customer of Singularis. Singularis is one stop solution for all your financials needs, in short we would like to be your personal CFO.

" We seek to form a respectable organization recognized for its integrity and profitability. We want to be engaged in serving our clients to create, sustain and manage their wealth in order to enjoy thorough financial freedom. "


"We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”! - Albert Einstein

India will became the world’s fifth largest consumer market by 2025

China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and Indonesia—are expected to contribute about 45 percent of global GDP growth in the coming decade.

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